Fulton Flying Club Inc.

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Fulton Flying Club

Our club consist of a group of flying enthusiast dedicated to promoting aviation and owning and operating a private aircraft. 

Since 1957, Fulton Flying Club based at CAK continues a very successfully operation over 50 years after incorporation as a non profit club.  We would like to share the reasons for this accomplishment  and how this club has continued to have what we believe to be the ideal arrangement to sustain the operation for the next 50 years. Perhaps by sharing this information, we can demonstrate how clubs can operate successfully, maintain a healthy flying community and continue to support our interest in this activity.  


The club existence is based on the love of flying a high performance aircraft at a very reasonable cost. Although not a social club, there is an annual dinner for members, spouses, or significant others.  All scheduling is done through an internet based schedule board allowing members to easily see what time slots are available. Schedule conflicts are rare with the plane being flown approximately 150 hours per year. Vacation trips are permitted in which members may sign out for two weeks at a time. Normally, there are approximately three regular meetings each year to conduct the on going regular business of the club. Special meetings may be called as necessary.